Ladies field hockey in Glasnevin, Dublin.

On Saturday, 16th September, a large number of club members came together for the Club Strategy Day 2017. It was great to have so many motivated members together talking about the future of the club and how we can plan for it as a club. Thanks to everyone who came along and gave their input on the day!

Thanks also to Audrey Doyle, who facilitated the whole day for us and kept everyone moving along. It was great to have you there and to keep us on track and organised. 

 And thank you to Lisa Jacob, former Irish international hockey player (among lots of other sports), who came after her own match and who shared her experiences. She spoke about the importance of getting involved in your club and what each individual can bring to the club by doing their little bit. “Every person that makes an effort, makes a difference”. It was an inspiring talk and it was a nice way to end off the day.