Ladies field hockey in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Have you been going to fitness training on a Monday night since the start of the season?? It’s on every week at 7pm and Angie Boran puts us through our paces! Each week there are some new drills, skills and exercises to do! It could be anything from interval running to lunges to the plank! It sounds tough but it’s brilliant for the fitness! You really do notice the difference playing matches on a Saturday! After the session, you really do feel great and like you’ve achieved something on that evening. Stairs sometimes hurt the following day but thanks to Angie for pushing us hard! Every week is different; you never quite know what will be lined up for each session?!

It’s not too late to get involved. Coaches in the club really encourage everyone to try and make it down on a Monday night! So come down to the pitch on Monday from 7pm and see what it’s like. In no time at all, you’ll be super fit and racing up and down the pitch like Speedy Gonzalez!