Ladies field hockey in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Results this week: 
Wed, 6th Feb 
1 v Guinness, 3-1

Thurs, 7th Feb
4 v Genesis, 0-7

Hard luck to the 4ths but both the Genesis umpire and our very own, Marie McDonnell who reffed, had some lovely things to say about the 4ths after this match on Thursday. Marie said the team were a pleasure to umpire for and the Genesis ref said: “I just wanted to say I umpired your match tonight against Genesis, and I’ve never umpired for a nicer team, your appreciation for both umpires tonight was fantastic. Thank you again.”
1 v Old Alex, 1-3
2 v Our Ladys, 1-1
3 v Railway, 0-0
4 v Avoca, 2-7